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Danijel Koletić: Communications for better or for worse

Article by Danijel Koletić, globally awarded CEO, the winner of the Golden World Contribution Award (IPRE) for the sustainable development goal number 10 established by the United Nations – reducing inequalities.Since there are people, just like natu...

Solly Moeng: The Era of Impact Branding is here

Article by Solly Moeng, Managing Director of DonValley Reputation Managers and Global Executive Board Vice-President of World Communications Forum Association (WCFA).Like everyone else, most corporate brands were found unprepared for the ravages wrou...

Maxim Behar: How PR Business Will Change After the Pandemic

The WCFA President Maxim Behar with 5 forecasts about the future of the PR industry.A significant number of the different industries worldwide are blocked and many of them might not start again with the products they have made so far. On the other ha...